Thursday, 25 August 2011

YencBin SSL


yEncBin Posters - Create private SSL key

This article is a chapter in the book yEncBin poster.
yEncBin poster used Stunnel to upload via SSL. The program is accompanied by a key (stunnel.pem) can thus be used directly yEncBinPoster to upload via SSL. Who we value greater protection can be achieved by creating this private key.

Before you follow the instructions, please create a system backup for safety! The file to install the necessary packages on own risk, should be mentioned explicitly!

To create a private key, proceed as follows:

    First Download and install OpenSSL.

    Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8k Light (32-bit Windows)
    Win64 OpenSSL v0.9.8k Light (Windows 64)
    In OpenSSL \ bin installation folder now has a new text file to be created. To open the folder in Explorer and then right click in the folder window and the new -> select text document.
    Write in the new text file the following text (copy):

    openssl req -new -x509 -days 999 -nodes -config stunnel.cnf -out stunnel.pem -keyout stunnel.pem  
Save the text file by clicking on File -> Save. Rename the file to then (right click -> Rename) in: create.bat
    Now make a double click on the newly created file: create.bat
    Answer the 7 questions. You can add more or less what you want.
    If all seven questions were answered, the DOS command prompt window disappears. Now copy the file created in the stunnel.pem yEncBin Poster - installation directory. If the Windows-demand appears asking if you want to overwrite the existing file, answer "Yes".

Caution: If you create.bat when double-clicking the file will receive an error message, then you probably have not installed the C + + 2008 Redistributable Package. This can be found at the following links:

Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) (32bit Windows)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) (Windows 64)